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Common Questions

What type of jewelry do you accept?

We accept any pre-owned jewelry that contains gold, platinum, or diamonds. Whether it's a designer ring, vintage watch, or a gold chain, you’ll get the same luxury Worthyfew experience.

Do you take dirty, scratched, or broken jewelry?

Yes! Jewelry restoration is our specialty. When your jewelry passes through our restoration center, we clean, polish, and fix it—making it look new. This allows us to pay you what your jewelry will be worth, instead of what it’s currently worth broken or worn. That means more money for you!

Why don’t I just walk into a jewelry store and sell my jewelry?

Because you won’t get a good valuation. Jewelry stores have massive overhead costs and usually take months to sell their inventory. They pass those overhead costs down to you when buying your jewelry. Pawn shops are even worse—they’ll often pay less than 20% of an item’s actual value.