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Common Questions

What type of jewelry do you accept?

We accept all fine watches, gold, diamond, and gemstone jewelry. Whether it's a diamond ring, vintage Rolex watch, or Tiffany & Co. earrings, you’ll get the same luxury Worthyfew experience.

Why don’t I just walk into a jewelry store and sell my jewelry?

Because you won’t get a good valuation. Jewelry shops have massive overhead costs, which they pass down to you when buying your jewelry. Pawn shops are even worse—they pay less than 20% of a piece’s value.

Who are your experts?

The Worthyfew team of jewelry experts consists of GIA-certified gemologists, bench jewelers, and appraisers. They go the extra mile to uncover your jewelry's hidden potential, making sure you cash in on its true worth.

Do you take dirty, scratched, or broken jewelry?

Yes! Jewelry restoration is our specialty. Our restoration center cleans, polishes, and repairs your jewelry, making it look like new. By restoring your jewelry to its full potential, we're able to pay you based on its true value, rather than its current, worn or damaged condition. That means more money for you!

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