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Common Questions

What type of jewelry do you accept?

We accept any pre-owned jewelry that contains gold, platinum, or diamonds. Whether it's a designer ring, vintage watch, or a gold chain, you’ll get the same luxury Worthyfew experience.

Why don’t I just walk into a jewelry store and sell my jewelry?

Because you won’t get a good valuation. Jewelry stores have massive overhead costs and usually take months to sell their inventory. They pass those overhead costs down to you when buying your jewelry. Pawn shops are even worse—they’ll often pay less than 20% of an item’s actual value.

Do you take dirty, scratched, or broken jewelry?

Yes! Jewelry restoration is our specialty. When your jewelry passes through our restoration center, we clean, polish, and fix it—making it look new. This allows us to pay you what your jewelry will be worth, instead of what it’s currently worth broken or worn. That means more money for you!

Can I sell multiple pieces of jewelry at once?

Yes, your kit can safely hold over 30 pieces of jewelry.

Is it safe to send my jewelry in the mail?

Yes! We send you free packaging designed to protect your jewelry during shipping. And because your jewelry is insured, it’s just as safe in the mail as in your drawer at home.

When will I get paid?

You get paid 3-5 days after we receive your jewelry at our NYC headquarters. The only thing you’ll have to wait for is the delivery of the check.

Once I receive the check, can I still reject your offer?

You can still reject the offer if the original check is returned without being cashed.For more details on rejecting your offer, please see our Rejection Terms.

Selling and Payments

Do you scrap jewelry or sell it as a whole piece?

We prefer to sell your jewelry as a whole piece—which is why we have a restoration center dedicated to making old jewelry sparkle like new. Melting gold down—which many buyers called “scrap gold”—is something pawn shops and jewelry stores do to make a quick buck. For us, it’s the last resort.

If I send in multiple jewelry pieces, will I get an offer for each piece?

You will only receive one bundled offer for all the jewelry sent in. Often, you will get an itemized breakdown for each piece and its corresponding worth. You will only have the option to accept or reject a single offer.

How will you keep me updated on the status of my jewelry?

We’ll update you every step of the way using the email address you’ve provided. Once we have your offer ready, we’ll ship you a check with the exact cash amount your jewelry is worth. Have a question for our experts? Contact us here.

How do I get paid?

We send you a check for your total offer amount through USPS First Class mail.

How long will it take for my check to arrive?

Your check will be shipped out immediately via USPS First Class and typically takes 2 to 3 days to arrive.

Why am I not receiving any emails?

Once you request a free Jewelry Shipping Kit, you will receive email updates from us regularly. If you aren’t receiving any updates, try checking your email’s spam folder or double-check that the contact information you gave us is correct. To update your contact information, message our support team here.

What if I don’t love my offer?

You have four days from the check’s postmark to reject your offer. You can read more about our return policy here.

Shipping and Returns

When will my Jewelry Kit arrive?

Within 2-3 business days from when you request a free Jewelry Shipping Kit.

Does my kit include a shipping label for me to mail my jewelry?

Yes. Your kit arrives insured and will have a prepaid shipping label attached to it. All you have to do is drop it off at your local United States Post Office, and we’ll do the rest.

Am I under any obligation to use my Jewelry kit?

You’re under no obligation to use your Jewelry Shipping kit. Selling jewelry is a big decision. Take your time and think about it. Whatever you decide, your kit’s postage will be kept active and ready to use.

I received my Jewelry Kit. What should I do now?

Just follow the instructions (that came with your kit) on how to ship your jewelry. If you have any questions, contact our support team here.

Can I put more than one item in the shipping kit?

Yes, your kit can safely hold over 30 pieces of jewelry.

How long will it take for my jewelry to arrive at your headquarters?

1-2 business days. We’ll send you an email confirmation once your jewelry arrives.

Will my jewelry be insured?

Yes, any item sent in your Jewelry Shipping Kit is insured for $500. In instances where you need more than $500 of insurance, email pictures of your jewelry to [email protected]

Can I track my Jewelry Shipping Kit?

Yes, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. We’ll also email you with updates throughout the entire process. You can always reach out to us with any questions here.

I lost my Jewelry Kit. Can I order a new one?

Because our kits are specially made to keep your jewelry safe, they are also expensive, so we only replace them on a case-by-case basis. To request a new kit, contact our support team here.

How long do I have to use my Jewelry Kit?

The postage on your kit never expires. If your kit is over 20 days old, our shipping insurance expires and we no longer grant jewelry returns. Contact us if you’d like to extend the life of your kit’s insurance and return policy.

If my jewelry is rejected, will you send it back to me?

We only reject jewelry with no precious metals or if it only contains trace amounts of silver valued at less than $20—typically seen in costume jewelry. Unfortunately, to cover return shipping costs of low-value items, you’ll have to pay for shipping—which is a flat-rate $50 fee.

How does the return process work?

How do I turn down the offer and get my jewelry back?

Simply wait for your check to arrive and ship it back to us within four days of the postmark. The moment we receive your check, we’ll process your return and send your jewelry safely back to you.

Do I have to return my check?

Yes, and we make it easy. Our Customer Care Team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to return your check. Failure to message Customer Care and reject your offer within 4-days of the postmark will automatically result in acceptance of the offer.

How long does it take for my jewelry to be returned?

From when we receive your returned check, it will take 5-7 business days to receive your jewelry back. Please note: any customer that sends us a Jewelry Shipping kit over 20 days old without first contacting us and securing an extension will be unable to reject their offer. For more details on rejecting your offer, please see our Rejection Terms.

Jewelry Appraisals and Restorations

Is your Appraisal and Offer the same amount?

Yes, our appraisal acts as an offer to buy your jewelry.

Do I have to send you my jewelry to get an offer?

Yes. We need to perform a detailed inspection in person to assess condition, authenticity, and quality accurately. To request a free Jewelry Shipping Kit and find out what your jewelry is worth, click here.

How do you determine what my jewelry is worth?

Our experts use data from thousands of past jewelry auctions, while accounting for gemology, jewelry market trends, and current material value. If your jewelry needs any restoration, we make our assessment on its post-restoration condition. The evaluation and sale of each piece of jewelry is a constantly evolving process. Our primary mission is, and will always be, to pay you the highest possible price.

Who are your experts?

The Worthyfew team of jewelry experts consists of GIA-certified gemologists, bench jewelers, and sales specialists. Their combined experience gives them a unique ability to evaluate your jewelry, taking into account gemology, material value, and marketplace demand.

How are your diamonds and gemstones graded?

All mounted diamond and gemstone grading is performed by GIA standards. By those industry standards, stones are not removed from their mounting, as they would damage, if not destroy, the original setting. On that basis, all items are valued and inspected by our certified gemologist.

What is counterfeit jewelry?

Counterfeit jewelry can contain trace amounts of precious metal (or none) but is deceptively designed and marked to appear much more expensive. It can be plated with precious metal but marked “925” or “14K” as if it were solid silver or gold, contain simulant/synthetic gems while posing as the real thing, or be mislabeled with a brand name.

What is your policy on counterfeit jewelry?

If we suspect that submitted jewelry is not authentic, we will contact you for proof of purchase to establish your jewelry’s authenticity. Our policy states that if someone sends us counterfeit jewelry, all their jewelry will be discarded at our facility.

Should I be worried that I unknowingly sent counterfeit jewelry?

Not at all. Counterfeit jewelry is rare, and the owner of it is usually aware of its deception.

What is your policy on stolen jewelry?

Worthyfew does not accept items that have been reported as lost or stolen. By law, it is our responsibility to hand over any illegally obtained items as well as the information of the sender to the proper authorities.

About Us

Does Worthyfew use middlemen to sell jewelry?

No. Our in-house process is the most advanced in the industry. We work with a nationwide network of trusted jewelry stores. And, as often as possible, your jewelry is sold to a jewelry store in need of your specific jewelry. It’s how we can generate so much more money for our clients than traditional in-person jewelry buyers. The typical pawn shop pretends they will sell your piece in their store, but they don’t. Instead, they purchase your jewelry and sell it to a middleman. Few jewelry stores will keep it on their shelves, either.

Can I visit your facilities?

We don't have any brick-and-mortar stores for you to visit at this time. We’re strictly an online business for now. We keep our overhead costs low so that we can deliver high payouts to our customers.

Do you accept customers from outside the United States?

Unfortunately, not at this time. But hopefully, in the future!